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Welcome to Great Western Foods Company

Based in Ft. Worth, Texas, with offices in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Great Western Foods Company is a small, woman-owned business serving the government and commercial food service sectors by specializing in quality food products such as taco and tortilla shells, beef and chicken fajita strips and other meal solutions. We also provide a wide range of dry pasta products from farfalle to spaghetti to rotini.  Our quality products are backed by a comprehensive understanding of logistics, packaging, and QA issues from facility to final user, whether in the United States or overseas.   Take the time to acquaint yourself with our products and services.   

Our Services

At Great Western Foods we pride ourselves on not only quality foods, but quality services as well.  With a team of experienced individuals in sales, marketing, logistics, import/export, operations, as well as a broad range of report generation and global support, we know what it takes to get our products where you need them-on time, every time.